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Preludes, Rags and Cakewalks

By The Symphonic Brass of London

This vibrant recording celebrates the 100th anniversary of the death of Claude Debussy (1862-1918) and demonstrates the influence of the ragtime music of his contemporary Scott Joplin (1868-1917) on Debussy’s own music and that of Eric Satie and ‘Les Six’ in France. All of the arrangements, for ten brass and two percussion, are new and original, making this a world premiere recording.

Conductor - Eric Crees

Recording label – MPR

Producer – Mike Purton

Recording engineer – Anthony Falkner

Release date – December 2019

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Track listing

  1. Swipesy – Joplin arr. Crees
  2. Golliwoggs Cakewalk – Debussy arr. Crees
  3. The Strenuous Life – Joplin arr. Crees
  4. Rag-Time Parade – Satie arr. Crees
  5. Solace – Joplin arr. Crees
  6. La Puerta del Vino – Debussy arr.Crees
  7. Rag-Caprice No 1 – Milhaud arr. Crees
  8. Minstrels – Debussy arr. Crees
  9. La Fille aux Cheveux de Lin – Debussy arr. Crees
  10. Adieu New York! – Auric arr. Crees
  11. Searchlight Rag – Joplin arr. Crees
  12. Des pas sur la neige – Debussy arr. Crees
  13. La Diva de L’Empire – Satie arr. Crees
  14. Le Petit Negre – Debussy arr. Crees
  15. Weeping Willow – Joplin arr. Crees
  16. Hommage a S. Pickwick Esq – Debussy arr. Crees
  17. Rose Leaf Rag – Joplin arr. Crees
  18. Le Piccadilly – Satie arr.Crees
  19. Bethena – Joplin arr. Crees
  20. General Lavine – Debussy arr. Crees
  21. Stoptime Rag – Joplin arr. Crees