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Nottinghamshire Music Hub Inspiration Project

As an example of our work, in partnership with Nottinghamshire Music Hub/Inspire and the Symphonic Brass of London, we plan to deliver the “Inspiration project” over a 10 week period.

The project is aimed at young people from Mansfield and Bassetlaw identified by the Notts Music Hub who have taken part in brass whole class ensemble teaching and also pupils that are having large group tuition.

All of those who take part in the workshops will have the opportunity to perform in a side by side creative programme with The Symphonic Brass of London in an “Inspirational Concert.” The educational impact on the students of working with top-flight professional musicians has been shown to be immense:

“For me as a teacher, the biggest impact of this type of peer mentoring is the fact that all of the participating students have their eyes and ears open to top level playing. This, in itself, inspires, encourages and is by its nature infused into the most responsive pupils playing with dramatic effect and therefore can be worth a lifetime of lessons in one experience. The best part of the experience for me was the concert experience itself and seeing so many young pupils come along to a live concert”. Dennis Mycroft – Head of Brass, Bromley Youth Music Trust.

Project Aim:

To provide an “Inspirational” ensemble music opportunity that will support engagement, progression, continuation and transition of Brass players Key Stage Two to Three.


• To provide an opportunity for young people to develop instrumental skills, creative musical thinking, and performance skills with and alongside the Symphonic Brass of London musicians.
• To give young people the opportunity to meet other players throughout the community who share the same interests and to work together on one combined project.
• To develop the confidence and self-esteem of the participants.
• To give all the participants a platform on which to perform alongside the SBOL in a public performance.
• To deliver planning/CPD sessions with teachers from identified schools led by the SBOL to support and sustain an ongoing legacy.
• To provide the opportunity for skill-sharing between teachers/staff and the SBOL team throughout the project.
• To develop positive relationships between all the participating educational establishments.
• To motivate and inspire continuation, thus supporting transition and progression within instrumental playing.
• To develop a successful educational programme that reflects the needs of the young people and supports the work of Nottinghamshire Music Hub, Inspire and its educational partners.
• To support the development of wider audience participation in the community.

Project Team:

The Symphonic Brass of London and the Nottinghamshire Music Hub Leader.


60-90 young people from Mansfield and Bassetlaw, identified by the Notts. Music Hub from schools who have taken part in Brass whole class ensemble teaching and/or pupils who are engaging in large group tuition.

Detailed Breakdown of Activities:

1. Planning Meeting- Education Team of Symphonic Brass of London/Music Hub/Inspire to discuss and agree key objectives, identify participants and agree venue/date for performance.
2. Teachers/Staff workshop to give them an overview of the project, outline expectations, identification of CPD support required.
3. Inspirational Day - full day with Symphonic Brass team to launch project. This would be followed by an intensive 10-week wider opportunities programme delivered by the Hub and an SBOL tutor.
4. Whole day workshop and combined concert with Symphonic Brass of London.

Music used in the coaching sessions will form part of the repertoire used in the final combined concert.

Local Performing Arts staff, in conjunction with The Symphonic Brass of London tutors, will carry out identified CPD sessions for nominated staff. This will further develop strategies and confidence in the delivery of wider opportunities which could be integrated as part of transitional activities.

Identified coaching of the local Performing Arts staff and ensembles will be carried out by tutors from the Symphonic Brass of London led by Eric Crees.

Part funding for this project can be sought from Arts Council England. Application assistance and completion can be provided by SBOL.

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